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Farm News

Stay updated with the latest news from our lavender farm. We believe in transparency and want to share our farming practices, sustainability efforts, and any exciting developments happening on our farm. Learn more about the journey of our lavender from seed to bouquet.


Discover the culinary possibilities of lavender with our collection of delicious recipes. Lavender adds a magical flavor to dishes and can elevate your cooking and baking. From lavender-infused desserts to savory lavender-infused dishes, our recipes will inspire you to get creative in the kitchen.  We also offer an eclectic variety of botanical elixirs, infused sugars and syrups.  Stay tuned for product reviews and recipes.


Join us at our upcoming events where we showcase our enchanting lavender products. From farmers' markets to craft fairs, we love connecting with our customers in person. Stay tuned for announcements about our participation in events near you.


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At Enchanted Mixtures, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality dried lavender bouquets and products. Explore our website and let the enchantment of lavender transform your world.